These are curated short documentaries from other filmmakers. Each short documentary explores life in a deep, meaningful, and engaging way.

Taller Than the Trees

Masami Hayata is a Tokyo man delicately balancing his roles as ad executive, father, husband and devoted son to his ailing mother.

The Coldest City on Earth

Experience one of the coldest cities on Earth, and the quirky people who live in it!

Chasing the Sublime

Two women share their deep water swims with us, and their why. Why would anyone dive into something so dangerous?

Full Time Parking

Enter the transient world of airline workers living in an Los Angeles airport parking lot. Is everything in life so temporary?

Xiong Di

Follow the lives of these Chinese factory workers as they work, party, and practice martial arts.

Exit 12 Moved by War

US Marine Roman Baca came back from war torn up and without hope. Encouraged by his wife, Roman started Exit 12, a dance troupe that tells war stories through dance.

The Blessings of Aging

What are some of the blessings of age? Well, not giving a fuck for one...

Into Music

A music video for a classical concert?

A modern swordsman describes the way of the sword, which is not unlike to the way of life.


A young chick that was brought home as a pet for the house cats has now grown into a domineering rooster. He terrorizes the family, and won’t clean up after himself.

One Year Lease

In this hilarious short doc, the filmmaker documents his interesting, bizarre, and often madening interactions with his landord.

Father Philanthropy

Mark Landis is America’s most prolific art forger. But instead of selling his work, he donates them to unsuspecting museums to raise their profile.

Ten Meter Tower

Would you jump off a 33 foot diving tower?
In this hysterical and spellbinding short doc, we see how they deal with fears.

The Need to Be Alone

Finally, a film that explains the inner life of the introvert!

Dead Dad's Porno Tapes

A reserved police offer dies before his time. Years later, his son pieces together his father’s elusive personality through the junk he left behind.

16 Hours

First generation Chinese Americans grapple with the different cultures they live in. As the saying goes, "fallen leaves return to their roots."

Baby Brother

A young man moves back into his parent's house. Frustration, malaise, and comedy ensue.

Mother Earth

Jane Goodall, best known for her 55-year study of Chimpanzees, discusses how to live a good life.

Mindless Crowd

In this beautiful and meditative documentary, philosopher, Alan Watts, contemplates what’s wrong with modern life and how this problem reflects itself in our environment.

It’s My Body of Armour

What does it take to be the most famous female body builder in the world?

Moss Man

Follow the day in the life of the last Cajun moss harvester.

Irina Markova is a poodle trainer with a tortured past. This beautiful and poignant short doc explores the magical world Irina and her poodles live in.

The Polaroid Job

In this poignant short doc, a man retells how his family made a living taking polaroids.

Many Sad Fates

An iconic photographer terrified of growing old embarks on a photo series showing the different ways he can age.

The Seed Vault

Follow the lives of these Chinese factory workers as they work, party, and practice martial arts.

Daido Moriyama in HK

Watch Daido Moriyama, legendary Japanese photographer, reveal his secrets in this neo-noir short documentary.

Lakota in America

Genevieve Iron Lighting and other young Lakota Native Americans are trying to find a better future while remaining grounded in their past.

Cosmic Valentine

Angel Eyedealism is an East Village icon, counseling thousands of people on love, sex and how to get it.



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